Since the end of 2010, De Rijke Transportes & Logistica España SL has its operations situated in Barberà del Vallès. At these warehousing facilities of 6200 m², we have a management, administration, commercial, transport and warehousing department.


The main activity that we do in Barberà del Vallès is warehousing and logistics. Our warehouse is used by multiple customers and is therefore multifunctional. Therefore the warehouse complies with all legal regulations and client-specific requests. This is fully dedicated to logistics, which gives us flexibility that customers are not able to achieve on their own regarding warehousing and logistics. We define ourselves as partners of the supply chains of our customers or we dedicate ourselves partly to these supply chains.


This is always regarding the necessities of our customers and we can offer the possibility to increase our warehousing capacity. This warehouse has a capacity of more than 8000 pallets. We also comply with the current ADR norms for the storage of dangerous goods. This warehouse also includes a PCI security system with sprinklers, zones and automated doors, which allows us to store all kinds of ADR products.


The warehouse has two zones for toxic products and a zone for general products prime materials that are destined for the food industry. All zones are separated in order to do a safe and clean storage of products.

Our team of 10 people is dedicated to control and execute the needs of customers and to supervise the arrivals and departures of products. We work with a WMS information system registers all stock entrances, stock outflow, stock levels and we directly work with the systems of our customers.


Our customers can fully concentrate on the production of their goods, while we take complete control of their products and make sure that their products are handled properly on a daily basis.