Located at 10 kilometres to the north-east of la Nave de Barberá, this warehouse (operating since Q2 of 2019) has a capacity of 4000 pallets and 5000 m2 of storage space.  The warehouse is multifunctional and available for multiple customers and fully dedicated to general products and prime materials for the food-feed industry (paper sacks, plastics and glass products). Our warehouse includes a safety system with sprinklers, separated departments and automatic doors.

A big part of the warehouse is suited and operational for cross-docking and other transport facilities that are needed for our customers, like the planning of transportation routes, exports and the handling of incoming goods.


Outside of the warehouse, we have a dedicated area in which we have installed several reefer machines of 40’, 20’ and 10’ that are prepared for temperature controlled products between -25 degrees Celsius and +30 degrees Celsius. Next to that, there is an installation of a ADR10 reefer with a capacity of 18 pallets or 18 IBC’s that is used for ADR products between +8 degrees Celsius and +20 degrees Celsius.


Our team of 8 people is fully dedicated to provide service for customers and fulfil their needs regarding storage of products, transportation and logistical service providing (4PL). 


     Click below to see a timelapse of the interior construction of the warehouse!

     St. Perpètua timelapse


     And click here to see a video of the daily activities at the site!

     St. Perpètua daily activities