Supply Chain Solutions


We are part of the commercial business unit De Rijke Logistics, which offers solutions to facilitate the supply chain of our customers. Our customers let us take care of their products, whilst relieving themselves from the organisation of their supply chain. We are specialized in logistical solutions for (especially) customers that are active in the (petro)-chemical industry and the food-feed industry.


The quality of our wide operation is partly due to the close collaboration that we have with other commercial business units from De Rijke, which gives customers benefits:


• The experience, professionality and continuous availability of our employees

• Our information systems

• Our wide range of partners and collaborators

• Our innovative and personalized solutions


For those customers that choose De Rijke from a strategic perspective, we offer a wide range of logistical services:


• Multimodal transport solutions (road, sea, air, rail)

• Storage and value added logistics activities like: packaging, ticketing, paletizing etc…

• Customs clearance

• Managing correct documentation and information for customers


The focus on service-and-cost optimization is key at De Rijke. In order to achieve this, we redefine and transform logistics among other things. We work based on operational excellence, as we use intelligence systems to control the process and try to optimize it using KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). In this way, we help our customers to improve their competitiveness in regard to their logistical operation.


We work together with a wide range of partners. This always gives us the possibility to select the best combination for our customers; an optimal balance between service and costs by implementing the hardware of De Rijke Group. This view generates added value for our customers and provides an integration of the processes of our customers and our collaborating partners.