Our commercial transport department consists of domestic and international goods transportation by road (FTL/LTL) and groupage loads for general transport, ADR and frozen products. Local distribution is being done with smaller trucks that include a platform. Next to that, De Rijke does container transport, bulk loads and specialized projects. On a daily basis, De Rijke carries out transportation duties between production plants and our own warehouses, varying from raw materials to finished goods that are ready to be stored or to be furtherly distributed.


Currently, we have a fleet of our own, including fixed subcontractors (that work in De Rijke gear), with 16 trucks and also trailers of 13.60m (both boxtrailers and freeze trailers). Next to that, we have cisterns of 15 tons for the local distribution of ADR bulk and cisterns of 24 tons (tanktrucks and multi-compartment tanks) for domestic and international transport of chemical bulk products.


Moreover, in the region of Catalonia, we operate with both 15 tons trucks and small trucks with platform in order to safely load and unload in urban areas.


All of our trucks are of the categories EURO 5 or EURO 6, which means that we are complying with highest sustainability standard of NOx and CO2 emitting trucks. The diesel engines use the ADBlue fueling technology.


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