Warehousing and VAL (Value Added Logistics)


Warehousing is an activity that is not usually included in the primary business of production companies, especially in the chemical industry. In order to execute large scale warehousing of chemical products (including dangerous goods), it is necessary to comply with several conditions and to obtain certifications. Next to that, it is difficult to determine what the correct dimensions for a warehouse should be. The above named factors result in high costs for producing and distributing companies.


Our multifunctional warehousing capacities comply with all legal and customer-oriented necessities. This allows our customers to operate in a more flexible manner. We offer a back-up possibility for our customers when their own warehousing capacity (temporarily) is not equal to their activities.


When making use of the warehouses of De Rijke Transportes & Logística España, SL, customers can choose to make their costs variable, giving them more options in their cost structure. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies, including the corresponding licenses.


Our motivated, experienced and skilled team is ready to take care of your products in a coordinated and professional way.

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